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Mainline Computer Data Center Cleaning Services

We Provide:

• Highly-trained technicians who specialize in working around sensitive wiring and machines
• RF Suppressed, cleanroom certified antistatic equipment
• Custom-formulated antistatic and static dissipative chemicals
• Data Center Environmental Reports: In-depth analyses and scientific testing of your facilities
• Emergency, on-call services at all times.

Whether you're looking for the safest and most effective method to keep your facility well-maintained or simply require a world-class clean for your flagship data center, our services offers the most professional and highly trained staff and equipment and chemicals specialized for your environment. All our technicians are specially trained according to Federal Standard 209e for data centers in order to work within these complex and critical environments.

Our teams of professionals are trained to clean your subfloor according to code (100,000 @.5um - see Fed. Std. 209e). We help preserve static control with our knowledge and experience with the many types of equipment in a data center and the laws regarding static dissipation. Our custom-blended chemicals are cleanroom safe, static dissipative and non-intrusive.

Examples of places that can benefit greatly from these services:
• Large or Small-Scale Data Centers
• ISPs
• Network Control Centers
• UPS Rooms
• Computer Rooms
• Raised Floor Areas (Subfloors)
• Any Critical Environment Technology Facility

Our initial walkthrough and consultation is provided free of charge and our services are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Call us to arrange for an appointment for a Wallthrough of your Data Center or Computer Room.

For assistance on your project call Mainline Computer Products toll free at:
(800)-686-5312 or E-mail: Sales@MainlineComputer.com

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In addition, our services include site design and infrastructure planning, construction management, power protection and security planning.
For more information Email: Sales@MainlineComputer.com or call (800)686-5312.

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